Prop A op-ed piece by John B. Boyd featured in Independence Examiner, July 14.

On Aug. 7, Missourians have the ability to say no to Proposition A, and it is important that they do so. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently described how bluecollar workers’ wages are down compared to January 2017, which comes as no shock to most of your readers. It is startling though that the average chief executive pay of a Fortune 500 company is 347 times greater than the average worker pay.

The same day, the Washington Post wrote about income inequality between corporate barons and blue collar workers: ‘the United States’ unemployed and at-risk workers are getting very little support from the government, and their employed peers are set back by a particularly weak collective-bargaining system. Those factors have contributed to the United States having a higher level of income inequality and a larger share of low-income residents than almost any other advanced nation.’

Proposition A reduces earnings as it lowers wages in every state that has similar laws. It denies our friends and families a voice. It is much more than about unions. It is about impeding our ability to provide as we aspire to do. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has published the data that support this fact. Proposition A lowers the revenue our cities receive from taxes which provide us with police and fire protection, maintain our streets, and provide basic services. We all lose, unless we are one of those who want their pay to be be even greater than the 347 times ratio mentioned.

Make no mistake about it: Monied interests have pushed an agenda to make it more difficult for our families to prosper. Vote no on Proposition A on Aug. 7.

John B. Boyd, Independence