“Union bosses…” Representative Holly Rehder uses that phrase in her attempt to denigrate over 310,000 Missourians whose efforts to repudiate once and for all the misnamed Right to Work law through the initiative referendum process. These citizens recognize  that out of state influence and greedy billionaires and their “pay to play” money buy the allegiance of Rehder, Governor Greitens, and their ilk, who collectively aspire to line the pockets of their most wealthy donors.

Rehder, Greitens and their minions prefer cutting wages, eliminating pensions, and doing away with rudimentary workplace protections to “attract business.” Why hasn’t Kansas, Arkansas, and Tennessee prospered? Do they want our state to be like Alabama or Mississippi?

To apply Rehder’s and Greiten’s logic, my business should be able to take the benefits from a membership in the Chamber of Commerce but not pay for the services it provides its members.  Someday when I need a new roof, I may want Tamko products overhead, but I shouldn’t have to pay for their shingles. (I wouldn’t really want their product even if free, but you understand the point.)

Employers enter into contracts with labor unions. The union must represent everyone in the bargaining unit. Those members wouldn’t pay for the representation if Rehder, Greitens and their disciples have their way. That representation has secured Improved wages, health insurance, a pension, training and safety. If a member is unjustly terminated, the union pursues a process for resolution.

I suppose it is ok for businesses to collectively belong to associations to advance their agendas, but dare those associations exist without payment for their services by the very businesses who derive benefit?

Big Money buys influence, and we Missourians say to Rehder, Governor Greitens, and their minions who are responsible for “right to work” legislation and who continue to hide their biggest donors: “SHOW ME THE MONEY.” Let Missourians see who is financing your campaign to lower wages and take away the ability of labor organizations to exist. Who are your bosses?