In short, multi-millionaires, including out of state billionaires, want to take away your ability to benefit from job safety, job security and a fair wage. Unions have historically been responsible for improvements in those areas, but all taxpayers benefit from the raising of the standard of living and safety whether union members or not. So, Proposition A is not a union issue, it is a family issue. You know how badly Kansas has it because of the interference from those billionaires influencing former Governor Brownback and his supporters. Education has suffered financially, and people are moving away in droves. We don’t want to go backwards, and a NO vote on Proposition A stops that downward spiral.

Your pay will drop if these super-rich have their way.  Recent data concludes there is a $8740.00 per year average loss when a state is RTW.[1]

RTW does not stimulate jobs, it simply allows for the gap in pay between you and Corporate Big Wigs to widen. Vote NO on Proposition A.

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[1]Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, Annual Social and Economic Supplements. Table H-8. Median Household Income by State: 1984 to 2016, www2.census.gov/programs-surveys/cps/tables/time-series/historical-income-households/h08.xls